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Did you know there is no law to regulate facepaint products, only recommendations! So as a parent how do you know if a product is safe for your child's sensitive skin? What can you do to ensure that the facepainting experience is a safe, fun and happy one for your child?


ASK QUESTIONS! if you are unsure ask the facepainter questions, they should be able to confidently answer any concerns you have, and be easily able to give you product information. Look at there set up and the products they are using.


Acrylic paints Vs Cosmetic quality paints

Craft paints are they safe?  Craft paints that you can find in most shops like Acrylic, Tempra, or Watercolor paints (even some of the cheaper facepaints sold in the toy section of $2 shops can fall into this category). Are Non-Toxic and safe for use BY children. They are directed to the children, this does not mean that they are safe to put ON children. They are not made for skin and can contain ingredients  such as nickel, lead cobalt and chromium. Craft paints are not designed for use on skin, they can cause rashes, irritation and are uncomfortable to wear



Craft paint examples -













What sort of paints Should a facepainter be using? Simple! Facepainters should be using cosmetic grade quality paints formulated to be gentle on the skin and are generally fragrance free. They are manufactured using only approved ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA cosmetic regulation and are non-toxic.There are many brands of safe face paint, made and designed for the skin available such as Snazaroo, Wolfe Brothers, Tag, Paradise and Mehron.













Luke and Kim Facepainting ONLY USE COSMETIC GRADE FACEPAINTS we use and reccomend Snazaroo, Wolfe brothers, Mehron, superstar and TAG



What about glitter? is it safe? Craft glitter Vs Cosmetic glitter
What is arts and crafts glitter? Some glitters are made with metal, glass or plastic and are cut into sharp shapes. They have dyes that could leach into eyes. Craft glitter is dangerous to use on the skin and especially on the face where it could get into eyes and cause a reaction or permanent damage.

What is cosmetic glitter? What is makeup glitter? What is face painting glitter? Cosmetic grade glitter is a poly glitter designed to use on skin, to be safe if accidentally swallowed (non-toxic) and is cut in a safe shape (usually round and smaller) to cause the least harm.


Luke and Kim Facepainting use only Cosmetic grade Glitter





How do you remove facepaint?  Simply use soap and water, if the colours have left a slight stain simply foam up the soap, pat it onto the area then rinse. You should never "scrub" your child's face as this may cause irritation.

We DO NOT reccommend using baby wipes as these can contain chemicals which can cause skin irritaion or rash. Certain oils such as baby oil and cooking oils can react with and set the paints so we do not reccomend these either....  Keep it simple, quality cosmetic grade facepaints should wash off easily!









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